Ok, so DirecTV took my TiVO away and pushed their crappy DVR down my throat and it took them three years to give it back.  But they did it, finally.  And so, officially, I cannot say I'm a hater anymore.

Sure, I'm a tad bitter about it, and all those years suffering with the HR-series DVRs, but I have to admit that they, both TiVo and DirecTV, have persevered through whatever negotiations, ego and otherwise, to finally get a new HD DirecTV TiVo out the door, at a price I'm not thrilled about, but that I can live with.

Despite all the bad things you could say about this new TiVo, I'm happy.  Perhaps not as happy as I could be, but I'm happy, so happy to have my "peanut" and responsive fast-forward, etc etc back. TV is enjoyable again.

Thank you DirecTV and TiVo for sticking it out and making it happen.