The installer came to deliver the DirecTV TiVo HD DVR that I ordered. Or at least, that's what he supposedly was here to do.  Except, DirecTV's ordering and fulfillment failed to tell him that. So when he arrived at the house today, he had no idea why he was here.  When he found out it was supposed to be to install the new TiVo, he basically freaked: They didn't have any.

So he called his "guy" and they supposedly have a shipment of them coming in. So now they are supposedly going to come back in a few days. Something tells me I may never see them again.

As far as I'm concerned, the new DirecTV TiVo is still a unicorn. Lots of people say they have seen them, but until I have my own hands wrapped around its throat, it's just a myth to me.

UPDATE December 21, 2011: TiVo arrived see review.