Look DirecTV, I'm not buying your BS. I dont have a contract with Viacom. I have a contract with you. If Viacom wants to change your cost, that's your problem.  If you jack up our rates, then it's my problem, or possibly your problem if those rates, for the same channels, are not competitive with your competitors.

So, again, this is your problem. Stop trying to make it my problem.


  1. www.primelec.com said...

    lol..nice post..thanks  

  2. Anonymous said...

    If you want to add a service all you have to do is click on it on directv's website. Easy.
    If you want to drop a service you have to call. Not easy!
    The best way to improve service is for a customer to be out of contract and threaten to quit. You have to mean it.

    There is less and less to watch on directv these days. Many of the the formerly useful channels like the DIY and HG network are mainly ads, endless repetition, up close and personal junk and self promotion.
    DIRECTV should have a chat with these channel content providers and tell them that they are killing their audience. directv so called premium channels have a lot of Adam Sandler movies. it doesn't take long to have seen enough of them.The Internet, if someone actually organizes the content so it's easier to navigate, will run satellite and cable out of existence.  

  3. Anonymous said...

    Last night my husband and I was watching TV. All of a sudden the cable box power went out and there was a clicking noise inside the receiver and every time it clicked the TV flashed a white bar across the screen. I would love to give you details on your conversant and how it did not recognize my number. I spoke with Michelle (ID # LKC2853). She was unsympathetic and horrible. She made me REALLY mad when she threatened to hang up on me (after I had been holding 15 minutes). I asked for her supervisor and got Josh (ID #LKC3220). He told me to be professional. What is professional about both boxes that I pay for not working in both rooms in my house when I pay almost $200 a month and have been a customer since 1996. By the way, I had to pay a past due $88 before they would even talk to me about fixing service that I am paying for (REALLY!!!) He did hang up on me but he called me back & said it was an error (REALLY?) I was told I was eligible for an upgrade for a new box back when you ended your contract with the company that took away half of my channels (VH1, BET, etc.) but you got 100% of your money. Josh told me that I could get the free boxes for almost $200 and I think that included $49 fee to come out and fix something that I was forced to pay for that SHOULD BE WORKING. REALLY!!! I told him my husband gets home at 2pm. He told me he could schedule someone to come out between 12p-4p. I guess we now have to lose money to take off work. Someone needs to call me ASAP today before the service people come because I am not paying $200 for something I was told was free and for a service I am paying for. I am headed to Facebook, Twitter and BBB with this complaint. YOUR SERVICE IS A RIP OFF and AT&T Uverse is sounding really good!!!!! I can be reached at work now 404.568.4495. -Patt Jones Sox (service #7709098882)  

  4. travis said...

    We have had direct tv for less than 6 months and already out box does not work! We were told the owner took 9 million $ out of pocket to fix this kind of shit! I so wish we didn't even go to direct tv. We had dish network for over 5years without a problem. I recommend no one get dish tv...fucking joke!! They constantly have problems...no one helps. Now we r out of tv for at least a day and a half. I am going to Better Business Bureau and maybe this shitty direct tv company will change the way they r. Obviously they don't care about customers. Hopefully anyone who reads this will think twice about direct tv...they r not worth the time or money. I guarantee there will b problems. Fuck direct tv!! I will not b apart of their ripping people off! Worst decision I have ever made! As soon as I can I'm dropping them!