The TiVo has landed!

Yes, ! got the DirecTV TiVo HD DVR installed today!

It hasn't even had time to load all the guide data yet, but first reaction is mixed. It is comforting to have the TiVo "bleep bloop" feedback again for sure. But it's disappointing how much DirecTV has gone out of their way to cripple this new TiVo.

It is SO GREAT to have the two-tuner interface again, to easily be able to switch between tuners! If there's one feature I miss on the DirecTV DVR, that's it. With all the weird obscure features DirecTV keeps throwing onto that DVR it just amazes me that they can't give us a way to switch between tuners.

In general with this new DirecTV TiVo, the response to menus, typing text for searches and fast-forward, pause etc. are better (by far) than the normal HR-series DirecTV DVR... BUT it is still not as snappy and responsive as a real TiVo (or the old HD TiVo) - damn you DirecTV!

Don't get me wrong. Even as much as DirecTV has tried to ensure TiVo doesn't overwhelm their own DVR software, this new TiVo is still a VASTLY BETTER experience than the absolutely tortuous standard DirecTV DVR.

Full write-up coming soon.