I was kind of assuming this year, now that Comcast Sports BA is a single HD channel (instead of the old 696 and 696-1 Std def vs. HD way it worked before) that this year I wouldn't need to massage the Giants schedule at all. Turns out I was wrong. The official schedule on the Giants MLB site doesn't list the TV info for games other than FOX and ESPN. And of course the Comcast site doesn't list the games other than those on Comcast. Sheesh.

So, yet again, I've taken data from http://www.csnbayarea.com/pages/schedule_giants and the sfgiants.com site to create calendars of the HD broadcasts of San Francisco Giants games for 2011.

You can download the ZIP containing two ICS (iCal) files here. One file contains all the games on Comcast Sports and the other file contains the games on other networks.



  1. pjkkennedy said...

    Me too. Seems like we're not getting any csnba Giants games in HD so far this year. GGGAAGGH!