It appears that some folks are hearing from TiVo about the new DirecTV HDTV units.

I've been a DirecTV subscriber for over a dozen years and have had TiVo since the first unit came out in 1999 - my wife lives and dies by TiVo - we have a TiVo in almost every room of the house - we both subscribed to receive "updates" about the DirecTV TiVo well over a year ago, when they first started the list and we have yet to receive a single "update" of any kind. We are currently running our family room HDTV from an old HD TiVo getting nothing but standard def, because my wife would rather do that than struggle with the friggin' HR series DirectTV DVRs.

If anyone should be a Beta tester for the new DirecTV HDTV TiVo, it's my wife. Sheesh, TiVo.

Anyway, if the Beta testers are seeing activity, perhaps there still is hope for a new HDTV TiVo for DirecTV after all and we will finally see this thing made available.