Some props

As I recently noted, at least DirecTV is still trying to help, which is more than I could expect from Comcast or AT&T U-verse, the other choices in my area.

They came and relocated the dish. So far, pixelation and dropouts have decreased, so in that regard things are better. Still the same issues with the HR-XX (now an HR-22, in my case), but at least one problem has improved a lot.

This puts one "lesser of evils" credit in DirecTV's favor. I was 100% ready to switch to Comcast when I couldn't even get them to return sales calls or give me the same answer twice - that reminded me what to expect after I was a customer, if they couldn't even help me while trying to get me as a customer.

I think we'll all be happy if I don't have to call DirecTV for a while - that would be a good thing.