At the end of my rope

I've been with DirecTV for 12+ years. I'm sorry, but the DirecTV apologists on here are just plain wrong. I was happy all those years, many of which using Tivo Boxes and then DirecTV forced their HR-21 DVR upon me. That's when all the trouble started. After 10+ years of nearly no calls to DirecTV for support, it's been one problem after another for the the past 13 months (since the arrival of the HR-21 box). Before that I recommended DirecTV all the time. Since then, it's been an utterly unpleasant experience. There is no variable in the equation except the HR-21 box. No amount of DirecTV fanboy logic can change that.

Suffice to say with swapping boxes, software upgrades, freezes, glitches in audio, crashes, bad recordings, missed recordings, and on and on - I am at the end of my rope and considering switching to Comcast HD, who I already know I dislike. And the Comcast switch involves $1000 in installation fees and new TiVo boxes, and I think I'm still going to do it and be done with DirecTV, once and for all.

Has anybody else done this? How has it worked out?


  1. ComcastCares1 said...

    I can check with my contacts from your area about our promo. I believe you can get $300 - $400 rebate from us if you switch from Dish to Comcast. If you'll let me know your address, I will be happy to get the specifics for you.

    Best regards,

    Mark Casem
    Comcast Corp.
    National Customer Operations  

  2. Mr Blog Too said...

    Ok, Mark. How do I contact you? I sent an email referencing this blog post and your comment to and got back:

    "You have reached the corporate office in Philadelphia. Each Market/state
    has their own marketing teams and channel line-ups. To better assist
    you, we would need someone from the California area to answer your