This machine is a royal pain. The latest issue is programs are not recording and when I look in the history I see "This episode was not recorded because the program was no longer available (13)."

Apparently this is (yet another) common problem with the DirecTV DVRs (HR20 and HR21). Thankfully I had one of the programs set to record on my Tivo as a backup, and it worked so I at least got to watch it (but the Tivo is not hi-def). The fact that Tivo was able to find and record the program (based on a 'wishlist') and the HR21 was not, sums things up pretty well. If it's a guide problem, the Tivo was able to handle it, while the HR21 was not. Typical.

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Another user summed it up well:
This is why I hate, hate, hate that I had to give up TiVo. Can you imagaine trying to call DirecTV and getting troubleshooting on this? They will have absolutely no clue. Not that TiVo's Customer Service was that much better, but AT LEAST I NEVER NEEDED IT!

A typical HR21 zealot told me that my problem is I'm setting the recording too far in advance and that I should set it to record when the program starts. Umm, yeah. Besides that fact that that is an absurd suggestion (why do I have a DVR if I have to be home to activate recording of the program?), in the case of some of these programs, the recording was set within 24 hours of the program start time, not days in advance.