Freeze on search

Lots of problems the past few days with the HR21 DirecTV DVR. More scrambled recordings, and shows not recorded. Etc. Each time we call DirecTV their "solution" is to reset the box.

The latest is using "Search by Title", it just goes into an infinite "Searching..." screen and then after a LONG time (like 10 minutes), it goes back to live TV.

From the search by title screen you enter some text. Some shows are listed and matching that text. WHen you click on one of the matches is when you get the "searching..." progress bar that never ends.

Today's suggestions from DirecTV was to "swap the cables" (the cables coming from the dish) on the back of the box, and press the little red reset button - ridiculous. That's the best they offer to any problems.

In the more than a dozen years of being a DirecTV customer before getting this HR21 DVR rammed down our throat, I think we've called DirectTV no more than 20 times. We've had to call every day, sometimes twice a day in the couple of weeks that we've had this piece of garbage DirecTV DVR.